“ZAHIRA’S PEACE” is the story of Zahira Obaya, a young woman who was gravely injured in the Madrid train attack on March 11th 2004.

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Zahira, her boyfriend Julio and her family struggle with dignity in the midst of dramatic forces that impact Spain and the world in response to  the M-11 attacks. The Spanish government’s initial deception concerning the perpetrators of the bombings backfired, bringing about tremendous political change in Spain.

Through a young victim’s eyes, we will etch a face on the collatoral damage that has been depersonalized by the Iraq war initiative.  How many innocent people have to sacrefice their birthright to early death or injury before the international community decides that enough is enough? The film builds a case for peace through the image of young Zahira’s disfigured smile.

ZAHIRA features multi-cultural musicians including Seydu, Djamel Benyelles, Jaco Abel and 08001 from Barcelona, filmed in concert in Madrid. These diverse cultural influences are symbolic of the forces coming together offering a powerful voice soliciting warriors for peace.




Produced by Jose Bustos for CANAL + SPAIN

Produced and Directed by Nina Rosenblum

Produced and Written by Mercedes Goiz

Written by Dennis Watlington

Cinematography by Eduardo Mangada

Edited by Gonzalo Cabrera

Music by Seydu, 08001, Djamel Benyelles, Jaco Abel