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Terrence Stevens of Nina Rosenblum's "Unintended Consequences": NY1's New Yorker of the Week

Terrence Stevens, featured in Nina Rosenblum's "Unintended Consequences" and the PBS series "African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross" hosted by Louis Gates Jr. will by profiled in NY1's New Yorker of the Week segment throughout the week of November 22.  He will be interviewed directly after the segment.  

Terrence was incarcerated under the controversial Rockefeller Drug Law, sentenced for 15 years on a first non-violent drug offense, serving 9 years before clemency was granted thanks to a petition by Judge Jerome Marks and a human rights movement led by “The Mothers of the NY Disappeared”. His story was depicted in Nina Rosenblum and Dennis Watlington's acclaimed film "Unintended Consequences", which was produced in collaboration with the Drug Policy Alliance.  He is a leader of social change for various political issues affecting urban communities and the criminal justice system, and is Founder of In Arms Reach, a community based organization connecting children to their incarcerated parents.