Producer/director Nina Rosenblum "AMERICA AND LEWIS HINE" PBS 1984  Nina Rosenblum was nominated for an Academy Award for LIBERATORS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS IN WWII, a feature documentary produced and directed with William Miles, narrated by Denzel Washington, which was broadcast on the PBS series "American Experience".  Among numerous awards Nina Rosenblum and Dan Allentuck won are the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the Van Gogh Prize for Best Documentary, two Distinguished Achievement Awards from the International Documentary Association (IDA) and four CINE Golden Eagle Awards for contributions to documentary cinema.  

Producer/director Nina Rosenblum "AMERICA AND LEWIS HINE" PBS 1984

Nina Rosenblum was nominated for an Academy Award for LIBERATORS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS IN WWII, a feature documentary produced and directed with William Miles, narrated by Denzel Washington, which was broadcast on the PBS series "American Experience".  Among numerous awards Nina Rosenblum and Dan Allentuck won are the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the Van Gogh Prize for Best Documentary, two Distinguished Achievement Awards from the International Documentary Association (IDA) and four CINE Golden Eagle Awards for contributions to documentary cinema.  

DAEDALUS PRODUCTIONS, INC., is a not-for-profit film and television production company established in 1980 by NINA ROSENBLUM and DANIEL V. ALLENTUCK to produce non-fiction television for network, public and cable markets as well as theatrical feature documentaries and dramatic films. Specializing in international co-production, Daedalus has won numerous awards and is a highly respected member of the worldwide non-fiction community.

                                         Producer/director/writer Daniel Allentuck

Daniel Allentuck, producer/writer and co-founder of Daedalus Productions, Inc. a and son of actress Maureen Stapleton. His credits include producer, AMERICA AND LEWIS HINE (PBS), co-writer of the Academy Award nominated LIBERATORS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS IN WWII (PBS) and co-director of ORDINARY MIRACLES: THE PHOTO LEAGUE'S NEW YORK. Daedalus Productions works with the finest talents in the entertainment world to create non-fiction television that utilizes the best of contemporary scholarship and professional expertise to push the boundaries of the medium, widen its audience, educate and inform.  



NINA ROSENBLUM is an Academy Award-nominated, award-winning producer, director and writer of documentaries, shorts and segments. President of DAEDALUS PRODUCTIONS, INC., she has produced and directed for TBS, HBO, PBS, NY TIMES Television, SHOWTIME, ABC and NBC. Her co-production partners include Channel Four/UK; WDR/Germany; La Sept, France and SBS/Australia. She is a member of the Directors' Guild of America, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, New York Women in Film, The Independent Feature Project and the International Documentary Association. 

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In 2000, Ms. Rosenblum produced and directed a Showtime/ NYT Television documentary, THE SKIN I'M IN, about the music of Jimi Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone. In 2000 she also produced and directed TWIN LENSES, about twin fashion photographer Frances McLaughlin Gil and Kathryn Abbe. In 1992, Ms. Rosenblum was nominated for an Academy Award for her Denzel Washington and Louis Gossett, Jr. narrated PBS documentary, LIBERATORS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS IN WORLD WAR II. This effort was followed by a 1994 Emmy winner, the acclaimed THE UNTOLD WEST: THE BLACK WEST, TBS, narrated by Danny Glover, which interwove documentary with dramatic segments. 

These documentary achievements added to the acclaimed, Sundance Special Jury Prize-winning, AMERICA & LEWIS HINE, PBS, 1984 and Rosenblum's 1990 Susan Sarandon narrated feature documentary, THROUGH THE WIRE, PBS/POV, a graphic investigation of small group isolation and America's female political prisoners. Her 1992 feature documentary LOCK-UP: THE PRISONERS OF RIKERS ISLAND, produced for HBO's AMERICA UNDERCOVER series, further solidified Rosenblum and Daedalus Productions as major producers on the non-fiction scene. Her credits also include SLAVESHIP: THE TESTIMONY OF THE HENRIETTA MARIE, 1995, and A HISTORY OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, 1997, shorts included in traveling exhibitions across the United States. 

In 1999 Rosenblum produced and directed WALTER ROSENBLUM: IN SEARCH OF PITT STREET, a feature documentary chronicling the photographic career of her father, Walter Rosenblum, a highly decorated US Army Signal Corps cameraman who documented the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach and the liberation of the concentration camp at Dachau. WALTER ROSENBLUM: IN SEARCH OF PITT STREET premiered at the D-Day Museum and has been invited to numerous film festivals both here and abroad, winning numerous awards. In 2000, Ms. Rosenblum produced a short, UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, about the "Mothers of the NY disappeared" who protest the Rockefeller Mandatory Minimum Drug Laws. She then produced and directed CODE YELLOW: HOSPITAL AT GROUND ZERO, which documents the response of the NYU Downtown Hospital to 9/11. Her latest feature documentary, ZAHIRA'S PEACE, made in co-production with Sogecable, Spain, will be broadcast on March 11 on Canal+ Spain.


DANIEL V. ALLENTUCK, writer, producer and director, is co-founder of Daedalus Productions, Inc. Son of Maureen Stapleton and Max Allentuck, and stepson of screenwriter David Rayfiel, Dan grew up in theater and film. He wrote and co-produced AMERICA AND LEWIS HINE [NY Film Festival Premiere/ PBS broadcast, IDA Award], narrated by Jason Robards, Jr. and Maureen Stapleton, ORDINARY MIRACLES: THE PHOTO LEAGUE'S NEW YORK, narrated by Campbell Scott, and A HISTORY OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, narrated by Maureen Stapleton, for the New York Public Library and a traveling exhibition to five museum venues. He wrote the script for the Academy-Award-nominated feature documentary LIBERATORS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS IN WWII, which aired on PBS's "American Experience" docuseries. He also co-produced the award-winning feature documentary WALTER ROSENBLUM: IN SEARCH OF PITT STREET. He received a CHRIS Award, a CINE Golden Eagle and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the International Documentary Association.




William Miles, president of Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc. has produced and directed numerous award-winning public television documentaries including the Academy Award nominated: LIBERATORS: FIGHTING ON TWO FRONTS IN WORLD WAR II, the Emmy Award winner: THE BLACK WEST, the informative BLACK STARS IN ORBIT, the nostalgic I REMEMBER HARLEM,the stunning MEN OF BRONZE, as well as THE DIFFERENT


William Miles' life's work is dedicated to exploring the entire African American Experience including the history, culture and achievements of African Americans from their arrival in America in the 16th century, (depicted in his award-winning PBS series I REMEMBER HARLEM; to their achievement as astronauts, aeronautical scientists and engineers (examined in his PBS special BLACK STARS IN ORBIT). Mr. Miles has won an EMMY Award, been nominated for the OSCAR inducted into the Black Filmmaker's Hall of Fame. Among numerous other awards garnered both at home and abroad he has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for independent Video and Filmmaker (AIVF) in acknowledgment of his outstanding contribution to the history of African American in the medium of film.

The only African American independent to be based at THIRTEEN/WNET in New York City, William Miles has produced many films dedicated to the African American Experience that have been broadcast nationwide as SPECIALS. Miles' films are based in in-depth historical and cultural research and are committed to he dissemination on history to a broad national audience on public television and educational institutions throughout the world. Mr. Miles, in cooperation with THIRTEEN/WNET, produces study guides to accompany his films, and actively participates in the film's distribution. Miles Educational Films, Inc. is about to embark on a production foray into the interactive multimedia arena utilizing many materials from his body of work.

Miles spent three years researching materials for I REMEMBER HARLEM, a four-hour special which traced harlem's 350-year history, as a visual counter to the oral histories in the film Miles unearthed archival photographs and motion pictures stock footage along with newsreel films, much of it rare and never before seen by the general public. In early 1982, one year after it was broadcast, I REMEMBER HARLEM won an Alfred I. DuPont Columbia University citation and an American Film Festival Award.

In 1977, Miles gained recognition with three debut of MEN OF BRONZE the New York Film Festival and its subsequent national public television airing later that year. MEN OF BRONZE is an emotional outpouring of memories and anecdotes, combined with treasured photos and archival footage, of the all-Black 369th Infantry Regiment which, because of the segregation policy of the United States military, fought under the flag of france and was bestowed the "Croix de Guerre" (French Medal of Valor) in the first World War.



There are people of unusual talent who choose to use their abilities not to merely entertain, but to call our attention to the many inequities and injustices that ravage the moral fiber of society.  Filmmakers Nina Rosenblum and Dennis Watlington are two such people.  In their long collaboration, they have produced the Emmy Award-winning The Untold West: The Black West; the PBS/POV feature documentary Through the Wire, narrated by Susan Sarandon, a graphic investigation of small group isolation and America’s female political prisoners; the 1992 feature documentary Lock-Up: The Prisoners of Rikers Island, produced for HBO’s America Undercover series; Unintended Consequences, a film about the “Mothers of the NY Disappeared” who are protesting the Rockefeller Mandatory Minimum Drug Law; Code Yellow: Hospital at Ground Zero, a portrait of NYU Downtown Hospital and its response through the September 11th terrorist attack; Sly and Jimi: The Skin I’m In, a New York Times/Showtime production about Sly and the Family Stone and Jimi Hendrix and Zahira, La Que Florece (Zahira’s Peace), co-produced in 2005 with Canal + Spain and Jazzy Producciones, about a young woman who was seriously injured in the Madrid train bombing.  In 2006, Dennis Watlington received a Bronze Wagon Award at the Golden Wagon Film Festival, a CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2005, and an award at the FI International Film Festival as the writer for Zahira’s Peace



Maurice Schell, a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1983 and the British Academy of Motion Picture and Television Arts, among others, has worked in the film industry in both the United States and Europe for over fifty years and is one of the preeminent sound designers in New York.  He has worked on over 100 features and documentaries with directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Spike Lee, Sidney Lumet, David Mamet, Rob Marshall, M. Night Shyamalan, Lasse Hallstrom, Brian DePalma, Milos Forman, Bruce Weber, Warren Beatty, Bob Fosse, Elaine May, Albert & David Maysles and William Friedkin on such films as Scarface, Serpico, The Godfather: Part II, Apocalypse Now, All That Jazz, Reds, The Cotton Club, Rumble Fish, School Daze, Salesman, Gimme Shelter, Let’s Get Lost, Chicago, Signs, and The Cider House Rules, among others.  Mr. Schell has also been a guest lecturer at Columbia University, The New School and Hunter College on several occasions, mentoring students on their documentary and feature film projects, and advising on sound design and editing. 


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A respected professor of cinematography (NY's School of Visual Arts), Dejan Georgevich is a national executive board member of the International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600, I.A.T.S.E., and member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), and the Directors Guild of America. Dejan's awards include an Emmy for HBO's Arthur Ashe: Citizen of the World; Hamptons' Int'l Film Festival Best Picture, Crossing Fields; Emmy nomination for My Sergei (CBS); a Gold Hugo from the Chicago Film Festival, and more than 20 other awards from major international and domestic film festivals. Most recently, he was director of photography for the NBC-TV series Mercy and the ABC-TV series, Cupid (Bobby Cannavale). He was the cinematographer for several episodes of the controversial NBC-TV series The Book of Daniel (Aidan Quinn and Ellen Burstyn), and CBS-TV series 3lbs. (Stanley Tucci and Cynthia Nixon). In addition to over 1000 commercials his work includes the Emmy award-winning CBS-TV series, The Education of Max Bickford (with Richard Dreyfuss, Marcia Gay Harden, Eli Wallach); PBS Hollywood Presents: Copshop (with Richard Dreyfuss, Rita Moreno, Rosie Perez) and CBS' Now and Again. A partial listing of his films include The Beatle Fan (Peter Stormare), Mirrors (Keifer Sutherland), The Emperor's Club (Kevin Kline), Woo (with Jada Pinkett Smith), and Universal Pictures' Satan's Little Helper (with Amanda Plummer). Georgevich has also helmed the visuals on high-profile feature documentaries including, Ordinary Miracles: The Photo League’s New York, PBS special, A Wayfarer’s Journey: Listening to Mahler, and the TV pilot, Adoption shot in Romania for producer Robert Halmi Jr.s Hallmark Channel. Also, he filmed the Emmy award-winning documentary film, Arthur Ashe: Citizen of the World an HBO production shot in part on location in South Africa with Nelson Mandela. He recently completed filming in El Salvador, South Africa and Indonesia for the World Wildlife Fund.




Russell Greene is a New York film editor and director, often working with his partner Angelo Corrao, A.C.E.  With their assistant Peter Maugeri they edited Ordinary Miracles: the Photo League’s New York. Greene has edited six feature films, three short films, and numerous national commercials and corporate films for Fortune 500 companies. He is also one of the creative talents behind the acclaimed documentary series Made Here about NYC performing artists. He served as assistant editor on several other films including the Academy Award-nominated, Emmy- winning The Betrayal and the Sundance Award-winning Patti Smith: Dream of Life in addition to the soon-to –be released Partly Fiction, a tribute to legendary film actor Harry Dean Stanton featuring David Lynch, Sam Shepard, Kris Kristofferson and Debbie Harry.  Russell wrote, directed and edited the short film Easy Street, which was selected by more than 40 US film festivals, winning eight awards. He is currently editing a documentary about the legendary Nathan’s Famous restaurant.